C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity (1952)

Mere Christianity (1952)

Dec 25, 2020

The Grand Miracle

Is the Incarnation, like other miracles, a suspension or a reversal of the natural universe? Or, as Lewis writes in “The Grand Miracle,” is it “the central chapter” of history such that “every miracle exhibits the character of the Incarnation”? Join Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing as they sit down with Producer Aaron Hill on this special Christmas Day episode to discuss the Incarnation of Jesus Christ; specifically, how it impacted C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dorothy L. Sayers, George MacDonald, and the other Wade authors, and how each of them celebrated the Grand Miracle in their writings.

Jul 24, 2020

Down to the Wireless: The Radio Addresses of C. S. Lewis and Dorothy L. Sayers.”

Before he was famous for his books, C.S. Lewis was one of the most well-recognized voices in Britain because of his broadcasts on ‘the wireless.’ In this week’s episode, Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing sit down with Producer Aaron Hill to discuss the radio broadcasts of Dorothy L. Sayers and C.S. Lewis, two of the first lay theologians invited to talk about Christianity on BBC Radio during World War II. Lewis’s broadcasts would go on to be published as a best-selling book, Mere Christianity, and Sayer’s talks and radio plays changed the way Britains viewed Jesus Christ and impacted the lives of millions.

Listeners interested in reading Sayers’s radio talks can order copies of The Christ of the Creeds, edited by Suzanne Bray, from the Dorothy L. Sayers Society.

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