God in the Dock

C. S. Lewis, God in the Dock (1970)

God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics (1970); 1940’s.

Part 1: “Dogma and the Universe,” “Christian Apologetics”

Aug 5, 2022

“Dogma and the Universe”—God in the Dock, Vol. 1

Between writing best-selling books, C.S. Lewis published hundreds of essays. Many of them were collected and published after Lewis’s death as God in the Dock in 1970. Over the next several episodes, the Wade Center Podcast is going to explore Lewis’s wonderful insights about the challenges of maintaining and sharing your faith in the modern world. To kick off this series, Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing sat down with the beloved Dr. Jerry Root to unpack two powerful essays: “Dogma and the Universe” and “Christian Apologetics.”

Part 2: “On the Reading of Old Books,” “Meditation on a Toolshed”, “First and Second Things”

Aug 19, 2022

“On the Reading of Old Books”—God in the Dock, Vol. 2

“Every age has its own outlook. It is specially good at seeing certain truths and specially liable to make certain mistakes.” In part two of the Wade Center’s series on God in the Dock (1970), Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing discuss three powerful essays published by C.S. Lewis in the 1940s: “On the Reading of Old Books,” “Meditation in a Toolshed,” and “First and Second Things.” While each of these three essays were written to different audiences, Lewis consistently calls out the chronological and cultural snobbery that prevents modern people from acknowledging the timeless truths contained in Christian doctrine.

Part 3: “Bulverism” and “Is Theism Important?”

Sep 2, 2022

“Bulverism” & “Is Theism Important?”—God in the Dock, Vol. 3

For over a decade, C.S. Lewis and Stella Aldwinckle modeled how to discuss Christianity, atheism, and belief with civility and grace through the Oxford Socratic Club. Many of Lewis’s talks at the club meetings made their way into print, in the form of essays. In part three of the Wade Center’s series on God in the Dock (1970), Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing, along with Producer Aaron M. Hill, discuss two of these essays, “Bulverism” and “Is Theism Important?” Together these essays address obstacles to honest discussion, a basic foundation for reason, and the nature of faith.

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