Christian Reflections

C. S. Lewis, Christian Reflections (1967)

Christian Reflections (1967)

Part 1: “The Seeing Eye” and “De Futilitate“

Sep 16, 2022

“The Seeing Eye” & “De Futilitate”—Christian Reflections, Vol. 1

When Yuri Gagarin returned from mankind’s first trip into space, he declared, “I looked and looked and looked, but I didn’t see God.” In an essay written in 1963, C.S. Lewis retorted, “Those who do not find Him on earth are unlikely to find Him in space.” In this week’s episode, Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing sit down with the beloved Dr. Jerry Root to unpack two powerful essays collected and published in Christian Reflections: “De Futilitate and “The Seeing Eye.” They discuss the ways in which knowing anything and a sense that life is futile are actually proof that we live in a moral universe created by a knowable God.

Part 2: “Christianity and Culture”… “and Literature”

Sep 30, 2022

“Christianity and Culture … and Literature”—Christian Reflections, Vol. 2

Is there such a thing as Christian literature? How important is originality in literature and culture? Should Christianity embrace or reject culture? In their second discussion of Christian Reflections, Drs. Crystal and David C. Downing discuss Lewis’s answers to these timeless questions using two dense but powerful essays by C.S. Lewis titled, “Christianity and Literature” and Christianity and Culture.”